Jesus Creed

Goldingay.jpgJohn Goldingay’s 3volume theology of the Old (First) Testament is now complete. I blogged through volume one way back when but volume two wore me down … Yet, my courage has been refreshed and I will begin volume 3 in December or January. Here’s my invitation to purchase and read along with us — I’m guessing either one post per week or one post every other week. A bit of a class on OT theological ethics.

The third volume (Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Life
) is about Israel’s life. Hence, he divides the book into:
Living with God
Living with One Another
Living with Ourselves
Here are some topics in each: Obeying and revering and praising YHWH; marriage and family and community and city and kingdom; and he has a section on spirituality — Godlikeness, holiness and purity, insight, suffering as well as sections on servants and leaders. And this is only a sample of what is found in this gem of a book.
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