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A baby rhino,
rejected by its mom,
finds zookeeper parents.
Blogs… well, I’m near the end of what has been three very full weeks, and I’m hoping I can get posts up for next week — but here goes with our weekly edition of our weekly meanderings through the internet world.
First, one of our regular commenters and readers, David Opderbeck, is organizing a conference on Religious Legal Theory at Seton Hall University (Nov 12-13), and here is the announcement. 10% discount to anyone who identifies as a Jesus Creed blog reader!
Excellent review by our friend, Vince Bacote.
Spiderweb.jpgLL Barkat on blogging and writing. (HT: TG) 
Karen chats a bit about Michael Moore, another indicator that a good course on economics is of value to each of us.
I’m thinking these two books are for women — and LaVonne can be your guide.
Jamie on beauty in a housing project — thanks Jamie for your story.
Heather Moffitt on God as Father.
Dan Kimball‘s right about “healthy desperation”: “ feel we are in a time period of healthy desperation. By desperation I mean that when Christians and the church get desperate about mission – then denominational barriers break down more, our non-essential theological difference don’t matter as much (not core historical orthodox theology which does matter, but the non-essential ones). When we become so desperate for people who don’t know Jesus, then our attitude and posture changes towards others. When we are so desperate with the reality that there are people who may be spending eternity apart from God – then as our hearts break thinking of that – then our petty differences seems so incredibly insignificant.”
Thanks Eugene.

Amishchildren.jpg1. On saving money.

2. Archaeological discovery in England awes archaeologists.
4. A Lutheran visits with the Amish and tells his (Lutheran) story.
7. Thomas Friedman — a controversial piece.
8. The AfPak war on terrorism: reports of progress.
9. David Brooks: “Over the past few years, however, there clearly has been an erosion in the country’s financial values. This erosion has happened at a time when the country’s cultural monitors were busy with other things. They were off fighting a culture war about prayer in schools, “Piss Christ” and the theory of evolution. They were arguing about sex and the separation of church and state, oblivious to the large erosion of economic values happening under their feet.”
Hester catches; Hester runs; Hester scores! Da Bears.


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