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Pilotsleeps.jpgThe latest little fiasco from the airlines is the plane that overshot its airport by a mere 150 miles. Let’s not dismiss this as simply funny. But, let’s have some fun with it. 

Let’s assume the pilots were sleeping. Let’s imagine Letterman or Leno ask you to come up with a few lines for pilots…

What will you ask the next pilot as you pass him/her by to find your seat? 
Like singing as you go by: “In the cockpit, the quiet cockpit, the pilot sleeps tonight…” (to the tune of “In the jungle, the lion sleeps tonight).
Report from CNN starts with this….

A passenger flight from San Diego, California, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, overshot its destination airport by about 150 miles Wednesday, and federal investigators are looking into whether the pilots had become distracted, as they claimed, or perhaps fallen asleep.

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