Jesus Creed

A star cluster photo released from NASA
StarCluster.jpgPlease pray for Dianne and Bob, and pray that the God who made that vast starry sky will attend to Bob at this time.
One of my favorite journalists, Christine Scheller, creates some controversy with some cutting remarks. 
One of my favorite backyard photographers, Rob Merola, offers us a reminder.
Jim’s got a great story to tell: part one and two
LaVonne Neff connects health care reform to the big food problem. 
I love it when John Stackhouse writes like this. 
Erica on the tie between crib and cross. 
Parents and children — when laid off.
A mother and Hannah. (A must-read.)
Origins.jpgOrigins update from Dan Kimball.

:mic with a profound reflection.
All over but the shouting by Karen. Eugene, ever up to some mischief. iMonk, ever up to some nose rubbing.

A young man, Joshua Guthrie, with a passion and a vision — it only takes one dollar.

1. Speaking of economics, here’s a Krugman-esque piece. And here’s one that is decidedly not.
2. Thanks Bob, we totally agree.
3. The end of summer book reading. I hope the end for geothermal stuff is near, too.
4. Gail Collins, ever up to a cynical edge, offers us a summer quiz.
5. As if San Fran’s traffic isn’t bad enough.
6. New policy on smoking and health.
7. Exactly what I was thinking when Senator Wilson said what he did.
8. The story regarding Caster Semenya takes a new turn, and requires that readers and commenters become vigilantly sensitive.
9. Ah, yes, blogging matters!
10. A sketch of religions and fasting.
Sports: Need I say more?


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