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September 2009 Archives

Several Fridays ago, Scot allowed me to post here about several reasons that working supernaturally with and through the Spirit (healings, prophetic insights, etc.) can be a match made in heaven–and on earth–for those interested in joining God’s mission.  We also discussed how […]

One of the most popular slogans of the last two decades, showing up all over the world in bracelets, was “WWJD?” What would Jesus do? I don’t know how that got started with our youth and how it went “viral” […]

Kris and I were kindly invited to the wonderful Trinity Covenant Church in Manchester CT last weekend. It was good to be with Phil Hakanson and Peter Tullson. And Phil and family are friends with my editor, Lil Copan, and […]

Paul loomed over chapter 8 in Acts; he now lights up the pages with a conversion story. It’s appropriate to have this text today, because tonight I will give a lecture at a North Park seminary conference on the conversion […]

“Why does being bad feel so good?” Studies of brain response to various situations may provide important insights to this question. In the last post in this series we considered some of the science pertaining to lust, gluttony, and  sloth […]

So, what about the gospel? Is there a Third Way for the gospel? Isn’t the traditional gospel the real gospel? Jim Belcher, in Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional, poses this question by examining the gospel in […]

George Barna has used his research and his platform to speak into the health care reform debate, and I lift three quotes to solicit your response: In essence, what Americans seem to want is increased government services, more efficient delivery […]

With Paul looming on the horizon, Philip moves further on and evangelizes another person outside the flock of God: an Ethiopian eunuch. No doubt, a Gentile and probably not a proselyte. No doubt, from the ends of the earth. No […]

The third installment in a series by Michael Kruse about Christians and economics. I think many of us make remarks about economics on the basis of the Bible, but do we understand the economic theory at work in our statements […]

Amanda Berry Smith, a six foot African American woman who dressed like a Quaker, exemplifies how to live in the midst of racism and do so with boundary-breaking grace:  “In Amanda Berry Smith,” Chris Armstrong tells us, “we have someone […]