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While PW, our guest blogger who is a “pastor’s wife,” alludes to the reality that some in the younger generation don’t have a problem here, the reality in the wider church is much different. She talks here about the pastor’s spouse’s occupation, and this one mostly concerns a spouse who is a wife. (Right?) Here’s PW:

I met a couple PWs in the last couple of months, and I realized that they were both school teachers. 

What are some of the common occupations of the PW? Or, are you expected to be in the “pastoral package” as 2-for-1?

I have personally been in an occupation myself for a number of years. I find that sometimes people who are more old-fashioned about the PW role tend to gulp when they realize I have my own occupation. However, I find younger people have no expectations whatsoever.  How did you come to your current occupation at home or in the workforce?

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