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The Origins Project update: Festival in July 2010 and our Listening Tour.

The lesson here is that you’ve got to make your order very clear before you get in the chair.


The lesson here is don’t believe in that view of the rapture.
The lesson here — no guessing — is “don’t buy.”
The lesson here is that we are all subjective.
The lesson here is — ask first.

Bookstores — are they passing away? John Stackhouse’s post... worth your read.

Dave Dunbar’s newest piece on missional theology. iMonk on “gospel centered.” Tom Smith and the gospel-shaped book of Acts at work in South Africa.

Tony Jones: the slippery sloped doesn’t exist.

How to gain wisdom?
How to gain insight?
How to gain understanding?


1. I like the ideas of removing clunkers from the road; I like the idea of putting more eco-friendly cars on the road. The Cash for Clunkers stimulus comes to an end.
2. SanFranciscoCare: Is this closer to the model being discussed in DC?
3. John Mark Reynolds blogs at The Washington Post about health care but, beginning well, he gets lost (as a historian of ideas) on liberty and freedom and needs to show how liberty and compassion can be tied together in a Federal or local context with biblical emphases. I prefer the focus in Leith Anderson‘s piece. Why do so few investigate the civil laws of ancient Israel?
4. Ron Rosenbaum on Obama’s goal of Zero nuclear weapons: “I should note first, of course, that I don’t know whether Obama’s Zerowill ever be possible or practical or even morally desirable. Will theabsence of nuclear deterrence increase the death toll from conventionalwars? It’s certainly hard to imagine the moment–which even Obama saidmight not happen “in my lifetime”–when the last nuke on earth is handedover for destruction. I tend to find myself in agreement with a line Ibelieve I read on the highly informative blog: The hardest part of arms reduction will be not getting down to zero but getting down to 10.”
5. I generally don’t like media coverage of media, but this piece explains what I was daily experiencing: the media exposed the facts and the truth about the “death panels” but many chose not to listen.
6. That is an odd ruling.
7. Old people talking about the internet. Funny stuff here.
8. Facebook and baby pictures.
9. Calley Confession and Karen’s beautiful and moving response.


Usain Bolt: “I want to be a legend.” Mr Bolt, you already are.

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