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The Book of Acts records the missional work of God in various cities in the Roman Empire. Acts 3 is the story of a healing, the people praising God, and Peter’s clarification of what God is doing. As we read […]

The church I attend has an outstanding youth ministry. No question. And intentionally inter-generational worship. The staff is intent on building relationships. The church is thriving, even growing. The number of families with young children is increasing. And yet … […]

David Bentley Hart, a historian of ideas, Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies , examines how “faith and reason” were related in the Medieval Age in order to provide historical context for what has happened with New […]

I’ve gotten enough pushback on using “Obamacare” for the health care proposals that I’m changing this to the more cumbersome “health care reform,” but for me “Obamacare” is not about a top-down heavy-handed left-wing attempt to socialize our country, but […]

The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2013. Most students entering college for the first time this fall were born in 1991. For these students, Martha Graham, Pan American Airways, Michael Landon, Dr. Seuss, Miles Davis, The Dallas Times […]

The Book of Acts records the missional work of God in various cities in the Roman Empire. Acts 2 reveals that the missional work of God begins when God’s Spirit swoops down, gives voice to the first followers of Jesus, […]

We are in a conversation and discussion about John Walton’s (professor at Wheaton) new book, The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate. Proposition 10: The seven days of Genesis 1 do not concern material origins. […]

I was talking to another staff member’s wife and they had only been in ministry a few months. They were exhausted. Spent. She said to me: I remember your husband saying something to mine about how we need to whittle […]

Lots of folks write to me about the use of liturgical prayer, and my book on prayer (Praying with the Church: Following Jesus Daily, Hourly, Today ) has been of help to some. But many want more than just to […]

Kris and I have an Apple Air Port as our form of a wifi network at home, but we’re noticing these days that we often have to unplug the thing and then plug it back in to get it going […]