Jesus Creed

Kris found this B&B outside Siena.
And our room is in one of the towers.


With friends staying at our home, we departed the USA Wednesday so my links aren’t as bountiful as they might be, but there’s some good stuff here…

Treasure this one….

Interview with AN Wilson, who recently returned to the faith. (HT: JC via Twitter)

A titan among NT scholars passes away: Martin Hengel.

It’s fun but it’s very, very serious stuff for many of us. (HT: CB)
This is serious stuff too.
And this too. (HT: TH via Twitter)
One more serious one.

LL Barkat puts up poetic pieces all the time. iMonk always puts up good posts, and this one on internet spirituality is special. Thanks Michael. Brett puts up good posts, too, and this one on Calvin is good. Our friend Tom Smith has a wonderful, deep reflection on the Lord’s Prayer in South Africa. Missio Lux, Tamara and missional living.

What is the Christian life? Mark Roberts starts a new series — follow it.

Tweet of the week: my son “wonders when everything that is coincidence is now described as irony. Look up the definition of ironic, peeps; it’s not what you think!” (lukasmcknight)

2d Tweet of the week: AndyStanley: “Sandra sent Allie and me grocery shopping with a list. I’m not really a list person. So we are pretty much following our appetite.”

Great tweets in history. (HT: JC via Tweetie)

My favorite twitter.

Well, maybe not! Well, maybe it will (or close to it)!


1. The prosperity gospel examined.
2. The stimulus package examined.
3. Calvin’s 500th, and this piece by Richard Mouw puts it together for me.
4. Is this why we have the stimulus package?
5. Some illegal immigrants return and struggle to re-assimilate: good story.
6. I like this suggestion.
7. The secret is not to care — what do you think?
8. A balancing act about Francis Collins, but the journalist is in Collins’ corner.
9. Low point of coverage this week: Dowd, who has become obsessed.
10. Jane Roe protests Sotomayer.
11. Finally, we have an explanation to what ails us.


We’re missing one of the best sports events of the year, The Open at Turnberry, so steal a few minutes for me!

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