Jesus Creed

NPCC.jpgKris and I were back in Atlanta last weekend for my second teaching session on the Jesus Creed. But first, awesome worship band led by Todd Fields. The final song — don’t remember the name of the young man who sang it — perfectly captured the message.

Thanks again to all the folks at NPCC, including Diane Grant and Tina and Lindsay and Tim Cooper.

I did Jesus Creed “phase two” by looking at the theme of “morphing.” James, brother of Jesus, applies the Jesus Creed (2:1-10 and 1:25-27) to two concrete situations — and we looked at how the Jesus Creed came to life in the messianic congregations of James.

First, James brought to mind this most memorable saying of Jesus — the Jesus Creed — when it came to the poor. Second, he led us to those on God’s heart — the orphans and widows. And third he showed what morphing is all about: those who live out the Jesus Creed embody the life Jesus lived and calls us to. I focused on learning to show loving compassion on the orphans and widows, and it gave me opportunity to mention some of my favorite folks: Tom Davis and Karen Spears Zacharias.

The response has been awesome, and I’ve heard from dozens on Facebook and Twitter and through e-mails. Plus, North Point does a great job with “intersect,” their ministries to those in need.

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