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Fth-Son.jpgWhat do you tell your son if he asks for discernment about what to do for a vocation? Michael Jenkins, in Called to Be Human: Letters to My Children on Living a Christian Life
,advises his son through a life in business and social work into seminary (Princeton, so it seems). I prefer his wisdom to his son more than what he says to his daughter, and some of my favorite lines in the whole book are in his vocational wisdom.

Our question: What advice and wisdom are you providing for your son (or daughter) on vocational choices?

 Our essential calling, regardless of what we do, is to follow Jesus Christ — so Jenkins on p. 25. Everything is an extension of that essential call.

And that we are each called to something distinctive to who we are; that we may well be asked to use all of our various gifts instead of just one; and that we are called to be faithful right now in the moment we find ourselves. Be open to God, to the Spirit and to your own self — so he advises. He urges his son to become flat-footed before GWAOT: God, the world, and all other things (112).

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