Jesus Creed

You can pick your friends,
you can pick your nose,
and now you can pick your friends’….

Picking.jpg Kris and I are in Arlington Virginia at Aldersgate Methodist Church with Jason Michelli. But Weekly Meanderings go on!

My three virgins.

Andy’s post isn’t a blog post — it’s a gem that needs to be printed out and pasted near the desk of pastors and evangelists. His next post about Willow Creek is another good one. Jeannine Brown’s study of shalom also needs to be printed out. Cobus and Tom reflect on doing African theology. Secrets in churches? Lavonne writes about health care. Tamara’s kingdom investment. Bob Robinson on what evangelicals need most in politics.

Hummer.jpgWhat birds have you been seeing? We’ve had some hummers around and recently a little Downy Woodpecker has been visiting our feeder (for some suet).

Are Twitter’s days numbered? Is texting a teenage addiction? (A must-read.) Eugene‘s new design and ads on his blog, but make sure you see his post about the Saudi martyr. Spiritual but not religious: a link. Charlie Wear on first steps.

Erika’s story. Owen Youngman’s wide-ranging and interesting links. Acedia, another take. Dan Reid on structural sins — illustrating Seattle’s streets. Lera Boroditsky’s suggestions about the significance of language.

Interesting story of a lapsed Catholic and the emerging faith of his son. (HT: AC) Speaking of Catholics, Jim Caviezel is interviewed here about his new movie. From the other angle, the Calvinists are fighting amongst themselves. But Mark’s got good news about the PCUSA.

Blog tip of the week: writing posts in advance.

Tehran.jpg1. The rise in anger is notable and worth working against.  This might explain the rise in anger: times have changed and the Repubs have a challenge. And this will be perhaps the defining issue for the next election. Is Daniels pointing the way?
3. Global eco-changes.
4. Brooks on FedMed.
5. Indeed, Obama could have said more about Iran’s so-called revolution, especially about the need for free elections.  
6. The old correlation vs. causation issue applied to alcohol.
7. Did you see this one?
8. Science and origins of life. We’re honored at this blog for “RJS” who writes readable prose to inform us about issues of science.
9. John Wilson on birds … I’ve not done enough about birds on this blog of late, but we’ve seen all sorts of birds this year on our walks.
10. We are seeing more and more of these: Prius.


MayorDaley.jpg What’s up with the Cubs, Mayor Daley? (They’re hurting our economy and I’d like to turn it up if I could.)

Hey, do you need to show more fire Lou Piniella?
Lou’s response: “I’m not a dragon.”

He also said, when asked about detecting steroids on players, “I wouldn’t know a steroid from a reefer.”

Sosa = great talent + cork + steroids.

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