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ObamaCairo.jpg Victor Davis Hanson is one of the most articulate historians of war and the military and, whether you like this neo-con perspective or not, his voice is one to be heard. Moral equivalence seems to be the new label for some of Obama’s stances,  though that expression carries with it some hefty critical freight and it needs to be spelled out carefully.

President Obama made an earnest effort — as
is his way in matters of discord — to split the difference with the
Islamic world. His speech essentially amounted to: “We did that, you
did this, tit-for-tat, now we’re even, and can’t we all just get
along?” He should be congratulated for expressing a desire for peace
and for gently reminding the Muslim world of the way to reform, even if
he did so while inflating Western sins.

But the problem with
such moral equivalence is that it equates things that are, well, not
equal — and therefore ends up not being moral at all.

You can read the rest of Hanson’s piece through the link above.

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