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This a brief excerpt from another blog, called Science and the Sacred, by Darrel Falk. OK, we’re all really proud that Falk begins by giving kudos to RJS for her posts on science and faith on Jesus Creed.

I have been a biologist for a long time, and I hope I never stop
getting shivers in my spine when I think about the beauty of how we
come to know things in biology. Biologists make predictions, then they
go out into the field or the lab to see if their predictions hold up.
When hundreds of predictions of this sort are fulfilled, a theory
reaches the point where it becomes certain, at least on a broad level.
And that is where we are with evolution.

In this space, our purpose is not so much to try to persuade as it
is to explain why we are so certain God created this way. If you wish
to join us as we explore the ramifications, we would love to have you
with us in the coming days. If you think that all of biology has it
wrong, that is your prerogative. You’re still welcome to read and think
along with us. A great place to start is the book by Neil Shubin–it is
very accessible to the general audience regardless of science
background. Once you’ve read that, irrespective of what you personally
believe, you’ll understand why most Christian biologists view evolution
as being God’s way of creating life’s diversity. It is my prayer that
you may even see why the beauty in all of this draws us to our knees in

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