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MarinOrange.jpgWhere do we begin if we believe in the power of “with,” the power of loving gays and lesbians? This is perhaps the central issue addressed in Andrew Marin’s new book, Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation With the Gay Community
. These are the questions we must ask and answers to these questions can frame a whole new way — a third way, the power of “with.”

Andrew makes a powerful suggestion because he looks to the issue of validation. Here are his observations:

“From my vantage point the GLBT community has been searching within the wrong sources. A gay pastor’s validation can’t get someone into heaven…. And don’t you dare forget — a straight anything’s validation or judgments won’t be able to send anyone to heaven or hell either! Only God can” (85).

Which means God-validation has the power of “with” within its grasp. He then asks the questions of his whole book:

“So then why not start peacefully pointing gays and lesbians in the direction of learning how to have an intimate, real, conversational relationship with the Father and Judge instead of trying to put all of then in 12-step programs? Like all other groups, including straight believers, GLBT people are nothing more than sheep looking for their shepherd” (85).

What do you think of his proposal?

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