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Scot linked to an article earlier this year: Obama moves to separate politics and science.  When Scot brought this up (see here) he emphasized and directed conversation toward the issue of stem cell research – clearly an important issue and one well worth discussion.  The CNN article, and the changes introduced by the Obama administration, encompass more than just this however.  Obama has also moved to  strengthen funding for basic science research, to encourage energy and green research, and to support efforts aimed at environmental reform.  This is a topic that is also worth discussion – although perhaps it will not be quite so heated. It also ties in nicely with the post on Romans 8, Scot’s posts on eschatology, Wright’s view of our hope – and perhaps even Scot’s view of the Kingdom Gospel.

Environmental issues provide an example where the Christian track record is not stellar – in fact, I would say abysmal.  Two factors (greed and faith) have led to a callous disregard for the environment and the care of the earth at times (note added: this is not a Christian problem as much as a human problem, however there are specific “Christian” rationalizations for this disregard).  Certainly many Christians have claimed that, if we are, after all, living in the end times, if Armageddon is coming and the world will end in a firestorm, why worry about pollution, renewable energy, global warming, or acid rain? But if the new creation is not a destruction of the world and the space-time universe – but a healing and a restoration – everything is changed.

What should be the Christian response to the challenges of pollution, global warming, and renewable energy?

And more contentiously – what should the Obama administration be doing about it?  Laws and regulations to promote green practice? Funding for basic research? Incentives for private research and development?

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