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Chicago is for Spring Bikers:


David Opderbeck weighs in on faith and missional theology. Erika’s suggestive post is worth your reading. And Jason Clark announces a new missional D.Min. effort he will direct. David Dunbar’s new piece in Missional Journal is an excellent description of how to re-shape seminary in a missional direction (look at 2009, 3 … 2… Everything Changes). I wasn’t aware this piece of mine on why evangelicals become Catholic was still online. (Does anyone know about this website?) [A newer version of this piece can be found in Finding Faith, Losing Faith: Stories of Conversion and Apostasy

Here’s a good post and a good reminder. Another good reminder from Ed. Check out this story from Fr Rob. One of the most common struggles for young leaders is schedule management; check out Eugene’s reflections. iMonk probes moral reasoning through the issue of marijuana. John Frye reflects on the slippery slope issue. John Stackhouse continues his series on the good of a Christian university. Evidently the Song of Solomon has become a bit of an issue in blogdom. (We did a long series on this book a couple years back; I think it can be found under Love and Marriage.) NeoPuritan and NeoCalvinist.

Karen’s from Oregon, where they are evidently more civlized than Wyoming. Here’s what she wrote on her blog: “Who is surprised that Cheney okayed the torture policy? Not me. He is
from Wyoming, after all. Not to trash talk those good folks who live
there and don’t want to lay claim to him. Just saying, they do things
differently in the part of the country where taking a hot iron poker to
someone’s backside is a way of life, not torture.” ?!#$%@&$#

Blogging for money? Cybersecurity.

Facebook social dysfunction?

Mandela.jpgDan Kimball and the Queen of Rockabilly.
Good piece by Christine Scheller.

:mic has an excellent reflection on the Tom Wright-John Piper new perspective debate. This should be a debate about Bible in context.
E-books will change how we read. (HT: CK)

iMonk on Columbine.

Friendship and health.

We will be in SA in a few weeks, and I suspect post-election coverage will be at a pitch.

Doug Wilson may interest some, but I can’t find a good enough reason for CT to profile him at this length.

Does rich mean greener? (HT: BB)
Does evangelical mean mean?

Thoughts or stories?

IHS.jpg1. Maybe a cup of cold water for Cuba will lead to a cycle of grace within Cuba and with Cuba.
2. Racial discrimination case due in the Supreme Court.
3. Brian McLaren on “are we a Christian nation?” Colson claims Obama’s statements were too simplistic.
4. Are youth hostels changing in Europe?
5. Were the Tea Parties little more than tempest in a tea pot?
6. A tough, scrappy country. Good piece by Brooks.
7. Obama and religious symbols — some Catholics are irritated.
8. The average college student’s credit card debt is not good. It’s a serious issue now for many.
9. Why the Civil War?
10. Is Obama an accommodationist?


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