Jesus Creed

This is a series by a pastor’s wife (spouse) who cares deeply about the particular struggle that many pastor’s spouses feel and experience. His her reflection from a recent pastor’s wives retreat.

I was with a number of pastors wives on a retreat recently. I realized there are some serious issues PWs can’t discuss (sorry ministry husbands, it was a women’s event). Issues we discussed included the unusual way some found their current ministry location (the whole confusing search process) and the unjust way many are dismissed from ministry. As always, these PWs were deeply concerned about their family.
For some, this opportunity to be together afforded them a time to minister to and pray for each other. However, it seemed that many of these PWs needed more care and one issue came to the fore that I’d like your feedback on: many PWs have some serious issues, but where can they go for a listening ear? For a supportive spiritual companion or coach? Even if you are not a ministry person or a PW, do you know where your pastor or their spouse would receive support or care if needed?

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