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Beach.jpgBy PW: It’s that time of year when we as a family usually realize we haven’t made a plan for vacation yet this year! Sometimes we make vacation plans at the last minute due to the lack of discretionary funds, but other times it seems that we just get sucked into the busy-ness of ministry to the point where we lose track of what we need in order to recharge our own batteries.

What are pastors and spouses doing these days about vacations? What are your struggles about vacations? Do you struggle with taking one? Do you enjoy your vacations?
There are a lot of dynamics at play with this.  How do you know the right balance for the minister to have time off and get away from the demands of ministry?  Often it is not discussed because the pastor is not taking the time off they need to or deserve, or they do not feel they can take the time off they need to because there is no one to “cover for them” while they are away. Still other times the time off they do take is consumed with visiting their own extended family, rather than taking a needed break from people.
Because the minister’s time off affects his/her family, what IS enough time off? How do you decide as a family what you need and must do for you or your family? Do you feel your congregation understands and encourages your need to get away?

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