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LynnAnderson.jpgWhen it comes to pastoral theology, and to the local church kind of spiritual leadership, I look to others. Perhaps every denomination has its own favorite pastor-mentors, but a wise mentor and pastor who transcends denominations is Lynn Anderson. His two books on pastoral theology can only get the title if the pastor is wise and loving. The titles?  They Smell Like Sheep: Spiritual Leadership for the 21st Century
and They Smell Like Sheep, Volume 2: Leading with the Heart of a Shepherd

Who are your favorites when it comes to “pastoral” theology? pastoral wisdom? pastoral advice?

I heard about Lynn Anderson from my friend, Jim Martin. I met Lynn Anderson in Lubbock Texas recently, and one thing that struck me: the pastors at that conference looked to Lynn for wisdom.

Lynn covers topics like these: what the Bible says and what can be inferred from biblical leaders and mentors (chp title: “Those who have walked a long time in the same direction”) and equippers and a good section on the New Testament teaching on elders and their authority. The second volume delves into pressing topics about spiritual formation: a heart for God, a heart for integrity, a heart for people, a heart for the Word of God, the heart of a servant, a heart that moves at a measured pace, and a heart flooded with hope.
Pastors need books like these. They need to drink from them over time. They will find why it is a person like Lynn Anderson becomes a pastor-mentor to so many. Being wise means listening to the wise. Listening to the wise leads to being wise for the next generation.

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