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This week’s Friday is for Friends comes from Derek Leman, a messianic rabbi (or a messianic pastor for some of us). I am finding that his questions are haunting more and more of us these days, and I hope we […]

Every now and then, but not very often, someone writes a book that is a once-in-a-lifetime publication. Wow! Everett Ferguson has just given us an exhaustive study of baptism in the first five centuries: Baptism in the Early Church: History, […]

May God be in our sleep; may Christ be in our dreams. May the Spirit be in our repose, in our thoughts, in our heart. In our soul always may the Sacred Three dwell.

We now have a website for The Origins Project and we are keeping the name “The Origins Project.” Tool around our site and, if so moved, sign up for participation in what we believe can be a significant movement of […]

We come to the last argument James uses with the messianic community. It is wrong to exploit the poor because it is against Jesus’ teaching, because it is contrary to election, because it is stupid, and finally because there is […]

A couple of months ago Peter Enns posted on his blog part one of a review and discussion of Kenton Sparks’ recent book God’s Word in Human Words (GWHW).  Although in writing part one Enns expressed hoped that part two […]

The 11th chp of  Heresies and How to Avoid Them: Why It Matters What Christians Believe introduced me to a heresy I had never heard of: the heresy of the Free Spirit. The author of the chp is Denys Turner, […]

A book we’ve been discussing about heresies brings to the surface how Christians have debated heresies and heretics. There is a subtle theme in this book that heresies can be discussed rationally, even when one believes deeply that a given […]

James has now argued from Jesus and from theology. He now argues from sheer pragmatics that despising the poor is stupid: Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into […]

This is from a colleague of mine, Bradley Nassif, who teaches theology at North Park University. Brad is an Eastern Orthodox theologian. My mother, Lydia, only had an 8th grade education and waited tables for a living.  She was poor […]