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Biltmore.jpgWe may not have the same kind of Weekly Meanderings next week, unless something goofy happens and keeps me near a computer. We’ll be on Spring Break in North Carolina, beginning in Asheville, and then meandering up to southwest Virginia, hunting for life and that kind of thing.

Great story about Flannery O’Connor.

Here’s a story about Kris’ basketball family. It’s in our blood. Kris and I often played together as little kids in the gyms where our dads coached.

Jeff at iCrucified is reading 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed with his wife and is blogging about it. Do check out the wallpaper he made for reciting Jesus Creed. Simple words that give life. Healing prayer — many churches have these kinds of services. Over at Jim Martin’s blog there’s a guest blog about mentoring. Mark this down as a date that matters: Eugene Cho is wondering if he should twitter. Yo, Eugene, even this old guy tweets at times. Fr Rob reflects on the laity-clergy distinction by talking about who does the shoveling. One of the most valuable features of blogging is having enough readers that a question can be asked that generates all kinds of answers; check out what Erika Haub’s recent post did.

Our grandson, Aksel.

A missional seminary by conviction.

Hipster.jpgAre you a hipster? Here’s an expert at work on a subculture. Are you overworking or underworking? Here’s another expert at work. Are you a poet? L.L. Barkat writes and links to poetry. Are you preaching on sin during Lent? Here’s a preacher showing his cards early. Are you in need of aesthetics at your church? Here’s an expert (Martha) whose husband (Don) takes the pictures. (That’s my guess.)

Susan Thistlethwaite (don’t say that name fast) has a piece in the Washington Post that warns of the connection of violence against women with submission. And David Brooks has a few warnings himself: Is Brooks The Third Way? The Englewood Review of books is now doing podcasts.

Moving on-the-ground-level piece about real life in Zimbabwe.

1. Electronic medical records: personally, I’m all for this. It might be because I dislike filling out medical forms in the office.
2. Our internet-savvy President and the struggles for .gov to be online.
3. Nicholas Kristof responds to the criticisms of President Obama’s health care hopes.
4. David Kahane.
5. Googling.
6. An interesting article on the social nature of rearing children.
7. Rewards in public education: What will happen if this comes to colleges and universities?
8. Muslim Eboo Patel’s honest and helpful piece on abuse of women.
9. Jonah Goldberg’s sketch of Rush Limbaugh includes an appeal to bring back Firing Line.
10. Texas Christian professors are split on evolution.


Spring Training home run by Rami.

SprTraining.jpgCongrats to Katie Norman and the Lady Pretzels for winning the IHSA 3A basketball supersectional and are now in the Illinois 3A State Tournament.

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