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Here in Chicago we have had some unseasonably warm weather. Makes me think baseball is … hey, it is. Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training today!

We are saddened to hear the news that Harold Hoehner has passed away. A wonderful man I always enjoyed seeing at annual academic meetings.

Tyler Braun ponders what the church will be like in the next generation. Lynn Anderson on avoiding the affair trap. Eugene Cho contends that Sunday gathering in community remains profoundly significant. Andy Rowell ponders theological studies … and his blog is worth putting on your blogroll. Dan Reid ponders Kindle — and the attachments we have to artifacts. (Dan, have you taught college students lately? Perhaps they have a book attachment disorder — called “BAD” by the diagnosticators.) When Tamara gets a blue parakeet in her backyard she’ll reconfigure everything. Her post on friendship irritates me: why would a hamburger joint even think of such a thing? And the very opposite can be seen in Philly with JR Briggs.

Modeling.jpgI swiped this picture to the right from one of my favorite bloggers, Don Johnson.

One of my favorite pastors is Rose Madrid-Swetman, and she needs your help.

Cool set of tree houses.

Barna’s new study on spiritual gifts. Rob Merola‘s reflection on church furniture.

Erica’s Lenten plan.

A voice from Oz I follow: Jarrod. A voice from Canada, and once again giving the worship folks a pushback: John Stackhouse. A voice from Minnesota: Doug Pagitt is now running for office in Minnesota. A voice from Tennessee: Bob Smietana and the NRB. A voice from France, or is that LA, or is it from Brett? A voice from Ohio: Bob on whether or not God is still speaking.

Newsy bit about two wonderful young pastors.

1. Children and happiness.
2. From Pharaoh to Moses.
3. David Waters on papal reinstatement of a Holocaust denier.
4. A possible surging in employment figures for women in comparison with men.
5. I try to get the Papal statements etc from the Vatican’s site, but most of the time it now shows up only in Italian. Anyone know how to get each of these in English.
6. Is economic nationalism the way out?
7. Here’s a good guide to Twitter.
8. And here’s a good guide to Italian wine … at cheap prices.
9. I enjoy, even when I don’t always agree with, Susan Thistlethwaite‘s pieces; this one is on Darwin.
10. I have exactly no idea what any of these apps on Facebook do.



One of a kind, Kris’ sister, Pat. Great coach, great lady!

I have formed the Society to Return to Pre-Steroid Home Run Leaders, including returning justified leadership back to Hank Aaron and Roger Maris. Who will join our Society at Facebook?

“Tiger Woods’s wife, Elin, gave birth on Sunday to a boy, Charlie Axel
Woods. It is the second child for the couple; their daughter Sam was
born in 2007.” Yes, another “Axel.” But our grandson spells his name “Aksel.”

Hello from Aksel!


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