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(Beats hockey any day of the week!)

Luke’s #100 was a beer brewed by Trappist monks in Belgium. One way the internet and blogs can be redemptive. Speaking of redemptive, Habitat for Humanity’s founder, Millard Fuller, has passed away.

Excellent post by Collin Hansen on the rural pastor and Mike Thompson is a rural pastor and his words are golden. Maybe because of where I grew up, but there is nothing like a rural church to me and Mike’s a wonderful place. I’ve been there. Congratulations to Pam Carlson. Have you seen this thing? Or this one? And Second City is doing a spoof on Blago. (HT: MV) Bill Gates is not giving us a stunt (HT: HZ). Obama on his personal transformation (HT: LNMM). Good examination of Driscoll’s talk about sex.

Good story from Stephen about Roslyn.

Billy had coffee with cheese — Finnish style! I met Eugene Cho for the first time Thursday here in Chicago — he was at the Midwinter meeting of the Covenant Church. Congrats Eugene and Minhee. Nice thoughts from Tamara. Yes, John’s got this right. Classic Jim Martin. Erika‘s got an imagination.

Seeing with your eyes closed. Seeing with the words memorized. Seeing by listening to other views. Seeing by pondering another time and place.

If you can get the paper copy of the latest edition of Christianity Today, the seminary section at the back is not just a listing but a fascinating conversation about what is going on in seminaries today — and lots and lots going on — is really worth your time. Watch for some of Todd Mangum’s comments. Seminary students need the “black dictionaries” — and no one is saying that it was Dan who designed the series.

Speaking of seminaries, the rumor now is that a herd of Calvinists is leaving Dallas Ft Worth and headed north to Louisville. Poor Calvin; all he was doing was trying to teach the Bible. Well, it appears said post had some impact and only some Calvinists will be heading north. I have two comments: (1) I don’t know if Wade’s posts and the comments are fiction, but they sure beat any fiction I’ve ever read; and (2) if Denny Burk were still down there, he’da been over there with his skateboard and football and done some damage.

We need an economist to help us here, but I like this libertarian proposal.

NPU has its share of singers. Here are three NPU grads in the worship team on the stage at Willow Creek.

1. A review of the Super Bowl ads.
2. The day the music died!
3. If you’ve got the time, listen to this brilliant lecture by Joseph Epstein on a literary education and the flimsiness of ideas. (HT: DW)
4. Have you seen the E*Trade babies? (HT: perp)
5. This is about how I see things too.

6. Toronto now has some atheist ads on buses … we’re next. Classic example of an ideology that can only speak its case by feeding off another. (HT: JJB)
7. We love Google Earth and there are some new features.
8. Complexity is the name of the Middle East problem.
9. Nice piece by Randy Balmer.
10. Facebook — saying goodbye.

Lots of good news from Tiger.

Will this become the new “The Catch”?


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