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Who then are the Third Way thinkers and writers? The other day I accidentally posted this and then took it down when I realized it, but Andy Rowell (see below) caught it first and contributed a wonderful set of links to the names below. Here is a listing of some of the Third Way thinkers … this is just a start … and you can mention others.

I could list many more, and you can mention some you think apply but
this is a first attempt at listing those that are for one reason or
another Third Way thinkers. (“Third Way” is my expression and the
scholars below may not accept this for themselves.) Here is a general
link to Amazon and you can look up their books from that page (Amazon Search).

Old Testament studies, these names come to mind: John Goldingay
(Fuller), Iain Provan (Regent), and Hugh G.M. Williamson (Oxford).

New Testament studies at least these names, and I’ve added a few since
the original mistaken post: N.T. Wright (Bishop of Durham), James D.G.
Dunn (retired from Durham), JB Green and MM Thompson from Fuller,
Richard Hays (Duke), Rob Wall (Seattle Pacific), Michael Bird (Highland
Theological in Scotland).

Theology is so big it is hard to know
where to start or stop, but I think of John Franke (Biblical Seminary),
F. LeRon Shults (Norway at Christiansand), Kevin Vanhoozer (Trinity),
the late Stan Grenz, Miroslav Volf (Yale), John Stackhouse (Regent),
and Kevin Corcoran (Calvin).

Thanks to Andy Rowell for these links:

Old Testament:
John Goldingay (Fuller)
Iain Provan (Regent College)
Hugh G. M. Williamson (Oxford)

New Testament:
N.T. Wright (Bishop of Durham, Church of England)
James D.G. Dunn (Durham, UK)
Joel Green (Fuller)
Marianne Meye Thompson (Fuller)

John Franke (Biblical Seminary, Pennsylvania)
LeRon Shults (Norway)
Kevin Vanhoozer (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Stanley Grenz (1950-2005) (Carey Theological College and Regent College)
Miroslav Volf (Yale, formerly of Fuller)
John Stackhouse (Regent College)

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