Jesus Creed

This is the second part of the letter we received the other day. Again, I’m keen on hearing how you would respond to this seeker.

line I would like an absolute truth.  A Fact.  It seems reasonable to
me to believe in something that is true and real.  However, it seems
that christianity, much like science gets as close as they can with
what God or christianity is, and the rest is up to faith.  Which I am
not sure I am OK with.

to Christianity.  Why would  I want to spend my whole life loving,
serving, worshiping something with no guarantees?  People have come
close to what they think God is….but there is no guarantee.   If I am
going to wholeheartedly give myself to a faith or God, there has to be
good reason for me to do so.  Otherwise,  I will live my life knowing
there is potential for something else to be true.  It happens all the
time; look at the lives of every Christian you know – you know what
they struggle with. If they were 100 percent sure, their lives would
look a whole lot different.  How we live says much about what we
believe…more so than our words.

 So…what answer am I looking for? 

want to know that Christianity is going to pan out.  I want to know it
is the real truth.  I want God to be the absolute truth.  I want to
give my life 100 percent to God.  I don’t want to give myself
wholeheartedly, and then realize the model was flawed.  I want to know
it is worth betting my entire life on.  Because – similar to
gambling, the more you risk, the greater the pay off.  However, the
safer I play — I may not win much — but I don’t lose much either.  I
want to know that Christianity is foolproof.  I want to know God is
real and true – and that he does not disappoint.  And I don’t want
cheap answers when someone dies or you have a terminal illness or
something. People say, “it’s God’s will, or things happen for a
reason.” I find these cheap and rationalizations.  I don’t want a
religion that makes excuses for God.  I want the real deal.  I want a
God that is true.

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