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Imagine how big that New York City tree must be in Texas!

Busy week with the Zarley lectures and a trip to Boston … so this is what I’ve got for Weekly Meanderings.

Westmont … we are praying for you.

What is evangelicalism? Donald Dayton is one of the shrewdist observers of American evangelicalism and this interview is worth the time and effort.

How many of these do you know?

Is the “heaven” gospel a form of the “happiness” gospel? Read this excellent piece by John Ortberg.

But, still … this story puts things in perspective.

You’ve got to love this post by Jim Martin. Michael Spencer’s got it going with an open thread on the de-churching of America. When something positive comes out about megachurches we need to listen. The story of Mercy. Hope and Faith. Reading the Bible with Jesus. Marko‘s commuting. Karen on Kay Arthur’s prophecy of famine.

Keep the gums clean.

1. How much is a spider drawing worth? Scroll down to read the exchanges.
2. Very nice summary of JR Briggs’ deeply personal sermon about adoption.
3. Rob … always has a good picture.
4. Jesus as a Soprano.
5. True-r than many will admit.
6. It’s the Germans!
7. Women and technology: why the low numbers?
8. 4th and counting….
9. Garrison Keillor on snow shoveling.


An all-too-common scene in the Bears-Packer game … just outside the grasp…PackBears.jpg

Kerry Wood, a classy pitcher committed to the Cubs … and now this … there’s something going on with this one. Wood says he’s willing to come back for one year. If he is, sign him. But maybe the Cubs need that slot for the Notre Dame fella (whose name is hard to spell) to develop.

A coaching legend.

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