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If you do and you have heard about “aspect” or “aspect theory” or “verbal aspect” and you wonder what in the world is going on, I urge you to read this book: Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek.
If you learned Greek more than twenty years ago you probably learned about tenses and a present tense meant something was going on right now and an aorist meant it happened in the past. Then along came the “aspect gang” and pounded the sense of time right out of Greek tenses and left most everyone confused.

Until now: Constantine Campbell, in 33 succinct but very readable pages, explains what “aspect theory” is. Basically, Greek tenses (as aspects) reveal the viewpoint of the author and not the time at which something happened. The second half of the book works it out with more examples, but this book is written for the person who needs an introduction, for the person who needs a refresher, and for the one who long ago forgot her or his Greek and needs a little shot in the arm.

One of the most stimulating features of this book is seeing the present tense as a “super-present” tense. Very interesting.

If I were teaching Greek again I’d use this book with all students of Greek syntax.

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