Jesus Creed

The Cubs had one of the best baseball teams in the Major League this summer — if you count the long haul. They had excellent pitchers and hitters, and were more than respectable in the field. But, the medals and honors and glories in baseball come, not to those who win the most games in the NL in the regular season, but the team that can win when it is all on the line in the climb to the World Series. The Cubs pitching was not as good as the Dodgers hitting, and the Dodgers pitching was better than the Cubs hitting — and we won’t even bother to mention how we fielded. A tragic ending to a comedic season.
I will tell you this: It’s been a great season — until now — to be a Cubs fan. The Cubs are not lovable losers but a good team in a bad snap. Too bad it was the wrong time.
Next year will be even better. Hope springs eternal. But for now, there is no joy in Mudville.

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