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Waking up to Chicago ….
As they say, “worth the price of admission.”
Here is a good blog with a cool appearance. And Jeff has a good series on love you might want to read.
Nancy Beach on trying not to be a helicopter parent. Why is it that so many blog? Eugene Cho explores that topic. Another topic of interest to each of us — at least each of us over 40 or so — is aging and Fr Rob reflects on turning 50. One of the issues in denominational politics is whether or not to recognize the baptism of someone baptized differently or into a different denomination. iMonk has a few posts about this, and they begin here. Another church issue these days is premarital counseling and, evidently, some churches aren’t too sure about helping out couples when both don’t attend the church. Speaking of church issues, Michael Kruse helps us out by gathering together posts on women in ministry. Tamara Buchan reflects on fear and faith. And Ed gathers some links on race and politics.
On the never-ending analysis of emerging, TSK points us to Ed Stetzer’s recent study, which I consider to be one of the best out there.
1. Anyone explain this one for us? How many pages does it take to write out this number?
2. Peter Bernstein helped me understand the bailout issues.
3. Energy vampires.
4. What are your thoughts on the Alliance Defense Fund’s Pulpit Initiative?
5. A good editorial on Motlanthe in South Africa.
6. “To a degree that few Americans could have appreciated just a few weeks ago, the economy runs on credit. But politics runs on a form of credit, too, generically known as trust, and trust has been a scarce commodity recently in Washington.” And Pearlstein turns around to say the people don’t get it.
7. Timothy Shriver on the monster we face today.
8. Mark Buchanan on economic theory.
9. Kris and I have been planting native plants this year. When the rain wouldn’t let up we pulled out a small shovel and found it quite easy to plant some maiden grasses along our fence row.
104 year old Leo Hildenbrand throws out the first pitch at a Cubs game.

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