Jesus Creed

The City of Chicago…
… home of the Cubs!
Pray for Molly, Steve and family.
I laughed aloud about this BP Switch Cover. Yes, I had to buy one.
And doesn’t this get silly after awhile? Roland Martin thinks it’s more than silly.
Michael Krahn posts some clipped comments by Brian McLaren about the meaning of the gospel. In a week that I began a series on “gospel,” I thought you might like to see this brief clip. Also, I had an article appear this week in CT on Brian McLaren.
Did you see this stuff with the Archbishop on Uncommon Knowledge? Bob Robinson begins a series on what “work” means. Tony Jones says I was right … but what about? OK, he records his thoughts about emerging stuff in a piece on NSM. TSK gives a graphic of the state of the blogosphere. Tom Smith over in South Africa on the Holy Spirit. Fitch thinking about what numbers might mean in a local church. John Stackhouse’s principle for responding to another blog. Pietism struggles in taking a stand on public issues — this is a fine short brief on this issue by Don Johnson.
Totally cool video of Rob Merola fishing.
Brother Maynard with some big reflections on all things emerging. But I have to say this: I’ve read very little about the new network Dan Kimball and I are part of that isn’t jumping the gun, suggesting what we are doing, constructing all new alignments in the emerging movement because of it, yada yada yada. Ay yi yi.
Serious, good, sensitive.
Karen and lights in her loft.
1. Our eyes are on South Africa and we pray for a peaceful transition.
2. I agree with much of Kristof here: some are “otherizing” Obama. Christians should not be ones who do.
3. A good teacher.
4. I agree. Neither McCain nor Obama did a thing to help us think they understood or knew how to resolve the financial crises of the last two weeks.
5. My Out of Ur post.
6. Anyone know anything about the claims of disability among the railroad folks of NY?
7. If you are in Seattle, I recommend you go to this event at Quest.
Yankee has given us many good years, great teams, great players … and someone to knock off the mountain top.

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