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Chicago was inundated by rains and floods. Here’s a picture of the Eden’s Hwy, the main artery connecting the northern suburbs to the City of Chicago:
And some of Albany Park, near North Park University:
And a slide show of flooding at NPU.
A hint of what is to come in Blue Parakeet is in the new E-Quality online magazine.
Dan Kimball’s going through a life change. Marko is always good for a laugh and a link. Tony Jones has quite the post on talking with the Obama group. One ordinary guy as reported by a missional pastor. TSK in Vegas on missional and the internet and this report and link are of value. Jelani Greenidge was one of my students and I think his call here toward civility is a good one. Don Johnson compares stewardship to sobriety. iMonk on the real prosperity gospel. Ted Gossard, one of our steady readers, reviewing LL Barkat, another reader.
Kruse Kronicle has sorted it out. Excellent.
Roland Martin speaks out for the middle class.
I’ve gotten out of practice of indicating where we will be speaking, and I do this because folks give me the business when I’m in their area and don’t let them know on Weekly Meanderings. And as we begin a more vigorous speaking schedule, my Weekly Meanderings get thinner … so my apologies in advance. But here goes for the speaking schedule:
September 20, 21
?Jesus Creed?
Corinth Brethren Church
Twelve Mile, Indiana
Contact: Michael Thompson
October 2-4
ZOE Conference
Nashville, TN
October 8
October 10
John Franke Inauguration
?The Bible and Missional Listening?
Biblical Seminary
Hatfield, PA
October 17
Willow?s Group Life Conference
Teaching the teachings of Jesus
1. Say it ain’t so Joe.
2. Antiestablishmentarian.
3. Robert Sungenis was a very divisive evangelical who is now a Catholic. Wherever he goes he stirs up strife and now he’s stirring up strife about the Catechism.
4. Food mistakes by parents.
5. The future of standalonebloggers.
6. David Brooks is always reasonable, even when you disagree with him.
7. Just in case you want to see a chrysalis formed …. Fr Rob’s got it.
8. Cooking tips.

9. Palin on the internet. Staggering.
10. The news from South Africa includes the saga of Jacob Zuma.

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