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John Kennedy and Maria Shriver in Chicago, and Reagan at Wrigley:
kennedy2.jpg reagan2.jpg
(Notice the Dems are on the left and the Repubs on the right. Nothing but fair and balanced.)
Anyone who mentions that Kris and I are soon to be grandparents gets a link. Karen not only spelled our names accurately, but she said “envious” instead of “jealous,” which just proves Karen’s knows her craft. Here’s a nice article about her book and I’ll do a few posts on it next week.
Zoe’s Leadership Conference.
David Neff has an exceptional piece comparing Garrison Keillor’s “weary” voice — this expression is exquisite because I sensed that this summer when we heard him at Ravinia — and Robert Webber’s ancient-future voice. Ted Gossard begins 40 days with St John of the Cross. How has blogging changed your life? Jim Martin’s reflections. Rob’s been posting some cool pictures lately. Should pastors publicly discuss those under their care? (Like Sarah Palin’s pastor.) Michael Kruse on the shifting tides in philanthropy. Erika is asking about how to nurture young Ophelias. On loving the church … from iMonk. Ed Gilbreath weighs in on the Wilson sisters protesting the use of their barracuda song at the RNC. LL Barkat reflects on how to avoid senility. Does sexism trump racism? (Asks Ed Gilbreath.) And Shawna, a Friend, on working at MacDonald’s (HT: DR).
TSK … he’s the guy!
Pray for Tony … and his dissertation.
John Ortberg says an evangelical is someone who loves Jesus, takes the Bible seriously, and engages the world around. Good for him.
Welcome back to the BlogWorld Bob! (Where’ve you been?)
One of the more intelligent, brief, and crisp discussions of what is going on in things “emerging” and “emergent” has been written up by Brother Maynard. It is not fair to define “emerging” as “missional,” and Br Maynard observes this. Missional is how to define what we are doing and “emerging” refers to what the church is becoming in our generation, but the two terms are intimately connected for many of us. Speaking of “missional” — check Tamara’s blog.
Big Mac – a – Day club. I know someone, whose initials are Matt Williams, a prof at Biola, who had one every day for four years when he was a student at the U of I.
Al Mohler, President of SBC, says Sarah Palin can lead the nation, but that roles defined by the New Testament for women at home and in the church are different.
Don’t tell your teenage son about this site: Speed Trap Location.
An excellent and thoughtful blog: Dave Schmelzer, of Not the Religious Type, a book about which I will be blogging sometime soon.
Stan Friedman interviewed both Hauna Ondrey and me about our book. Thanks Stan.
This appears to be a step forward in Zimbabwe.
Sleeping alone?
1. Remembering is a lot like doing.
2. Is Palin attracting evangelicals?
3. Are you aware of the Bob Woodward series being run at Washington Post on the Bush Iraq War decisions?
4. The book that has most influenced most writers. A review by a fine writer himself.
5. Meghan McCain, John McCain’s daughter, is a blogger.
6. Caesar’s sectarians — a CT piece.
7. The heart-beat-away argument turned inside out. By the way, Kristol mentioned Palin as McCain’s VP pick back in June.
8. Bipolar and the age of the father.
9. Anyone read this story?
10. Teenage girls co-ruminating.
Go Amanda Wallden.
Athletes gone political.
The Bears surprised everyone in beating Indy:

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