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My kind of town, Chicago is…
North Park’s music program has developed a degree for those who seek to become ministers of worship. Speaking of NPU, we soon begin Hispanic Month. Which leads to a good story about my colleague and friend, Boaz Johnson.
Put this on your must-read and must-follow sites (IJM).
Andy Crouch writes an excellent piece about Sarah Palin and the unmonitored comments descend into a spiral of uncharitable and embarrassing attempts to score points. By the way, this is not a criticism at all of Andy or CT; it’s a criticism of the problem of Christians who refuse to comment with civility.
Speaking of civility, I love this piece by John Ortberg. And Eugene Cho has five principles for civility. Bingo! that’s the way to do it.
Here’s yet another form of civility: TSK will no longer use the word “emerging church” for what he is doing.
Dave Dunbar’s new Missional Journal study: an excellent example of what it means to missional and it can quicken our churches.
Dan Kimball and I agree: there is a distinction, an important one, between emergent village and the emerging movement. I see this as an analytical difference, not a friendship or fellowship issue. Jim Martin on Frederik Buechner. What about obsessions? Read Fr Rob. Michael Spencer — iMonk — did a post on sources for spiritual formation. Martha Johnson’s opening for her art at Westmont. I sometimes wonder if the fine displays at Montecito Covenant might be Martha’s doing. The topic of race and voting has become an issue and David Fitch’s response to Anthony Smith’s post is worth some careful pondering. (I will probably begin a series soon on racism.) How blogging influences us (LL Barkat). And here’s one way blogging is influencing us — pray for Connie and Ed. Gotta love this picture. And no one knows this better than Marko.
Did you see this post by Dan Kimball?
Will we have a generation that knows not Mr. Rogers?
One of South Africa’s great traditions: National Braai Day (roughly a barbecue). I wish we were there.
Stanley Fish on hoaxes: but I expected him to say something more about those who were beaten by the hoax.
1. Sarah Palin on polar bears and global warming.
2. The ruling in Israel on “who is a Jew?” interests me at a number of levels, including levels like Acts 16 and the status of messianic Jews in the Land of Israel today.
3. The differences between Democrats and Republicans involve at a central core the economy, and that is why informed folks need to be aware of studies like this.
4. A local college addresses the drinking age issue.
5. Mugabe’s enemy is a free press: don’t underestimate the role of journalists.
6. Women in the workplace. And what happens when women earn more than men? Check out this piece.
7. Margaret Thatcher: ?In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.? So William Kristol, too.
8. David Brooks — once again with insight.
9. Good for Perseus Books.
10. Is it resentment?
Sports: (OK, nothing yet about NCAA college football or NFL football)
I grew up with a father who was a track coach and I grew in the conviction that pole vaulters are some of the more unusual athletes in the world. But I have to say this: wide receivers, like Ocho Cinco (aka Chad Johnson), are beginning to take the cake.
Student-athletes…. we’ve got lots of them in class this year and a few of them did well at a recent cross country meet.
Taking back an LPGA decision.

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