Jesus Creed

My sabbatical came to an end, the first draft of my commentary on James (for Eerdmans, NICNT) is coming to an end, and Lukas and Annika were here for 10 days and they are expecting a son in about a month. Yes, indeedy, the Cubs are transitioning into a form of playing baseball that does well in October!
A week or so ago, Kris, Laura, Pat and Kari (thanks, Pat, for hosting!) had a baby shower for Annika with lots of family and friends in attendance. Lukas, Bob, Mark and I played some golf while they “showered”, and then we all had a cookout together.
Classes started last week, and so far I’ve been taking the train to North Park. I like the reading that I’m able to do on the train — I catch up on magazines. And, the ideas in the book I’m blogging about (on Good Teachers) have been of use in my classes.
Lukas’ next scouting assignment is to watch the major league Cubs during their next two series, one series at Wrigley Field and the second at Cincinnati. So he will be working at the game today (is it fair to call what he does “work”?), and Kris and I are also going – though not working. We are pumped. Lukas and I also played a few rounds of golf last week and got to play on the course where Luke learned to play golf with me.
Laura is transitioning into her new position as the coordinator of the gifted program at her school, and Mark is starting his next semester of classes.
Happy Labor Day to you all. And we pray for the unemployed … that they will find work.

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