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Come to Chicago’s friendly skies:
A friend and well-known New Testament scholar, David Scholer, has passed away. Peace be to his memory, his family, his colleagues and students, and upon all those who have been touched by this wondrous man. Erika’s reflections on David Scholer.
One of my former students, a former homeless young woman who is a brilliant musician and who was lifted from that life by a music teacher who cared, is now participating in this “missional” music work. Her name is Deborah Wanderley Dos Santos.
E-Church in South Africa. Check this site out.
Brian McLaren and Richard Land vlog. Eugene Cho has some careful reflections on the recent decision by the LPGA to push Korean women, who are more and more present on the tour, to learn English or else. Congrats to Don and Martha. Another must-read from Michael Kruse. David Fitch’s reflections on using Constantinian liturgy in a post-Constantinian world. Ed Gilbreath’s collection of webstuff on the historic Obama speech. Tom’s thoughts on roads and paths. Tamara’s experience of fellowship.
Check out Karen’s column.
Blue Parakeet reviews:
Nick Fox
David Phillips
NPU goes tray-less.
1.Happy Marriages.
2. The Amish opportunity.
3. Public schools and evolution and creation.
4. Brooks thinks Biden’s the right person for the VP.
5. Fukuyama on the world’s bullies.
6. Unclever McDonalds.
7. Wind turbines and grid-lock.
8. CT on Obama and the DNC.
9. Obama and writing his speeches.
10. Drumroll please … THEY DID IT!
Here’s the great Cubs site!

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