Jesus Creed

Here’s a true Cub fan:
Chicago abuzz with an idea from James Meeks.
Tom Smith, in South Africa, reflecting on church transformation. LL Barkat reflects on “finding” a poem. Ed Gilbreath has a good post on race as a theological problem. OK, I think David’s got a burr under his saddle on this anti-attractional stuff, but I have to say that Fitch always has something to say. Will we know?, Erika asks. Michael Kruse puts the spin on the “prosperity gospel” …. read it. JR Briggs on xenophobia and Jesus. And Pastor Jim Martin graces us with some reflections on expectations.
iMonk is one of the best bloggers around: check this post out.
Pastoral wisdom on the implications of blogging.
1. Wind turbines: the downside.
2. EJ Dionne on evangelical poliltics.
3. Spiritual drift?
4. Your most influential teacher?
5. Is anyone using “Cuil” as the search engine?
6. Who needs to know?
7. This is where politics has gotten messy the last 20 years or so. It just isn’t according to script on economics and party.
8. Indeed.
9. This one is worth a good discussion over lunch.
One word: Olympics!
No, two words: Olympics and “How ’bout dem Cubs!”

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