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phelps2.jpgAre you a fan of J.K. Rowling? Here’s the newest: Tales of Beedle the Bard.Barna weighs in this week on voting.A very interesting emerging event will occur this Fall in Kansas City: check Reclaiming Paul.Around the blogs: Here’s a nice chart from JR Briggs’ site. Don Johnson offers an insight on portable caves. What is shalom? John Stackhouse exhorts churches and camps to take the theological interest of lay folks more seriously. What David Fitch is reading on vacation. TSK on missional. Check out Dan Kimball’s post … on what he’s posting about. And Rick Warren will interview both Obama and McCain.Speaking of our favorite bloggers, John Frye’s novel, Out of Print, is available online.For a number of years, Wayne Grudem and Kevin Giles have had an ongoing debate on women in ministry. Grudem came out with a book called Evangelical Feminism, which I thought was poorly researched and grossly inflated in claim, and Giles subjects this book to a devastating critique. You can find it under “Featured Articles” or “Book Reviews.”On church names (HT: Tom Hein).When you can’t moonwalk, this is what you do:1. PhD, the easy way?2. The Danes are smart (and happy). I will vote for anyone who can think Danish.3. Passwords: what will happen?4. Stanley Fish, whose name is nearly synonymous with postmodernity, in this piece seems to want to get back to what really happened in the famous Van Doren case. Anyway, the article struck me as odd for some of the other things he has said over the years.5. PowerPoint presentations.6. And I pray the church is adjusting: what is your church doing?7. Who is working with the Boomers?8. Scientology’s theory of after life.The Olympics in Beijing will be remembered for Michael Phelps:

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