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Last Saturday morning I opened up the Dell computer our school provides and it wouldn’t turn on, and hasn’t since that day. Well, that’s fine — as I’m a Mac man — except that my daily mail and internet routines were all set up on that computer. So, here goes for another version of our Weekly Meanderings.chicago-lightning.jpgCongrats to Linda Cannell. Linda and I were colleagues back in the days when we were …. uh, younger…linda-cannell-head-shot-gordonconwell.JPGOne of those who blogs here often was interviewed on a blog: Biblioblogs. The picture is is my response to the question: “How many points of Calvinism do you believe!”So many good things this week on my favorite blogs, so I’ll just give them in a lump right here. Jim Martin has a good piece on “do-overs” and I suspect many of us will like his stuff with LL Barkat on the quiet house (one and two) [and give it up to those like Jim who post great pictures with each post]. There is a very good conversation about Segregation on Sundays at Eugene Cho’s blog. Good one Rob. Read this one by iMonk but I have to say on his “once saved, always saved” that I know lots of Baptists who believe that and who don’t really believe in perseverance because they don’t really believe in apostasy. Don Johnson’s got a good little discussion starter about conversation. And Michael Kruse reminds me again this week that he’s a blogging machine about facts and trends. Erika reminds us of what prompts us to pray. TSK gets this one right: use the word “emerging church” or not? A public kind of missional gathering with Tamara Buchan. And Marko’s got a Christian “tat” post.If you like Robert Webber’s Ancient-Future books, check this out.Molly loves home-schooling, except the reality of it so she’s decided to …A journal of healing.A New Blog: Koinonia.Dan Kimball got a new (vintage, old, loop collar) shirt.Goodbye Solzhenitsyn.John Frye knows a good book when he sees one! And he knows the problem with a sound-byte gospel too.Cathleen Falsani on Cal Thomas on Barack Obama on Jesus.Where do we put this? I guess here is as good as anywhere:1. The Montauk Monster: What do you think? (It looked like a Yankee fan to me.)2. Who will be McCain’s VP?3. The man destined to follow Mbekei has a story as well: Jacob Zuma.4. Yes, Bob Herbert corners an important idea: energy conservation.5. Good news about coffee.6. Douglas Coupland reflects on how males view aging.7. Eat the beet!8. Climate speak.9. You can count on good ol’ Garrison Keillor for some political bias.10. Christians a flabby thinking about other religions.11. What will become of Hebrew?Sports:Don’t look back, sports fans, but this could be The Year for the Cubs!soriano.jpg

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