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From a regular reader and contributor to our Jesus Creed community…. about his wife.
Dear Scot,
I’d like to ask you a favor. I really need some prayer.
Can you have all the “Jesus Creeders” pray for my wife? We were traveling with our kids on Friday to our home from vacation in Colorado. We stopped to spend the night in Nebraska. As we were preparing to leave early in the morning on Saturday my wife (38 years old) had a massive stroke. The doctor told me it is “as bad as it gets.” We have been in the Nebraska Medical Center ever since. My three kids went home yesterday with my parents. Hopefully [his wife] will be able to leave here on Tuesday to go to a rehabilitation center in near our home.
The trip there will be in a “stretcher van” and I am nevous about it. She is unable to talk and has no motion in her right arm and leg. She is going to recover but we have no idea how much she will recover. This will obviously take a long time.
Please pray for her recovery, our kids, and my nerves. We need it.
Your brother.

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