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How does the theme of judgment … or, how does knowledge of God as judge open up the missional theme in the Bible? This is the question of the second half of chp 3 in Chris Wright’s The Mission of […]

OK Jesus Creeders, I’m countin’ on ya. Last Saturday, on our way to a student’s wedding, we got rear-ended and our RAV4 got smashed up pretty good. (We didn’t make it to the wedding.) No one was hurt, though we […]

My little computer program boots up about 19 separable instances of “heaven” in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. And we begin with a text that is at the center of a few debates today, in particular the […]

In 2006 Moore Theological College in Sydney Australia held a conference on the consolations of theology and Brian Rosner edited the papers into a little book worthy of pastoral considerations. The title is The Consolations of Theology. Six studies of […]

I will begin reading soon some books about God, and I thought I’d give some of you a heads-up on what’s coming. I will be reading these two books for sure:

Two more texts in John, both of which inform us of nearly the same thing:

Our dear ones, O God, bless Thou and keep, in every place where they are.

To claim the Bible is shaped by a missional concern, as Chris Wright does in The Mission of God, is to give oneself a challenge. Namely, to show that the God of the Bible is a missional God. Here’s how […]

Go see Mamma Mia! The Movie. Kris and I loved it. Fun, happy, upbeat, motion-filled turning of the book and the Broadway hit into a Hollywood movie. Meryl Streep is in a world of her own … but maybe I […]

Yet another interesting text in John, which I have to quote more completely. We are asking what does “heaven” mean and whether or not it is the final place of the blessed.