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OK Jesus Creeders, I’m countin’ on ya. Last Saturday, on our way to a student’s wedding, we got rear-ended and our RAV4 got smashed up pretty good. (We didn’t make it to the wedding.) No one was hurt, though we were sitting around a bit Saturday and Sunday waiting for some unwanted stiffness. It never came so we’re fine. Basically, our car has been totaled or very close. Anyway, here’s what we need from our blog friends:
Car suggestions.
First, Kris will be the primary driver; she drives some highway and some city.
Second, we’re concerned about gas mileage.
Third, we’ve thought about a Prius but besides being butt-ugly it takes about a year to get one. We’ve looked into the Civic hybrid, but it takes about 60 days. That’s do-able but not preferable. We’ve also shifted our eyes onto the Camry hybrid.
We’re open to suggestions. Who’s got some experience with these cars, especially the Cambry hybrid?
Give us some ideas.

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