Jesus Creed

Just before the worship service one evening in Rustenburg South Africa, at NG Bergsig, Attie Nel said a man had a gift for me. Indeed, he did! A cross. God had spoken to this young man in the services, one of which focused on the cross, and this was his gift to me … and my response was “I am honored” (and, probably in the look on my face, “How in the world am I going to get this wonderful, 13 pound cross in my suitcase?”). Magriet, our host, had a solution.
Wrap it up in bubble wrap, mark it fragile, and it will get there safe and sound. Kris’ comment was also important: “No one will steal or break a cross, Scot.”
Sure enough, right next to my suitcase on the luggage belt at good ol’ O’Hare was the cross. Instead of checking it in with the “handle carefully” or “fragile” bags, they checked it with the luggage and Kris and Magriet were right. It arrived and it arrived in sound condition.
Now we have it proudly hung next to our newly refurbished kitchen and I want to tell Attie and the young man “Thanks from us.” What a wonderful memory this will be of our ministry and trip to South Africa. We’ll never walk out our door without thinking of the young man and South Africa. It may well become our “mezuzah,” the little canister on the doors of Jews that is filled with reminders of the importance of living the Torah. Our Torah shall be the Cross.

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