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Perhaps you heard that the Supreme Court struck down the decision of lower courts to permit local cities to ban handguns. The Supreme Court says, rightfully, that this violates the Second Amendment that gives US citizens the right to bear […]

This week we got a nicely wrapped package from Paraclete, and inside the package was two copies of Jesus Creed … in Chinese. Here’s a picture and then a calculation:

This series is by RJS We have taken a hiatus in the series on Tim Kellers’ book The Reason for God, not out of lack of interest, but out of pressing time constraints and travel. The last several chapters are […]

The IVP dictionaries are one of the finest gifts to the church of this generation. Whenever a new one comes out, I like to spend the evening dipping into it here and there. The newest one is edited by Tremper […]

Is your e-mail inbox stuffed to the max? Here’s my theory:

Kris and I listened last night to James Dobson’s criticisms of Barack Obama’s 2006 speech. I found it on the “Listen to Daily Broadcast”. I don’t know if it is archived, but I did my best to listen carefully and […]

A regular question I get asked goes something like this: “If you believe in a robust gospel, how then do you evangelize?” I’ve got two books to recommend to you:

One of the most significant ports in all of Italy was Rome’s port at Ostia, now called Ostia antica. The port was on the Tiber and on the coast, though the growing problem with silt accumulation made it less than […]

I read John de Gruchy’s Confessions of a Christian Humanist for a variety of reasons, not the least of which were that he is a South African liberation theologian and because I think his expression for himself, a Christian humanist, […]

I have a recommendation for you. It is a recommendation to use a prayer book during July. Kris and I will be using Mark Van Steenwyk’s new The Missio Dei Breviary. As some of you know, I have myself written […]