Jesus Creed

Well, it all comes down to one word: grandparents! Kris and I are slotted for the grandparent role come this October. Lukas gave us a call a couple months back to say that Annika was pregnant and that we would be grandparents. We were, of course, elated. Then about two weeks ago, while we were at the other end of the world, they wrote to us to say that the baby would be a boy. We purchased our first baby gifts when we were in South Africa (a wee Orlando Pirates shirt and a Springbok infant sleeper – two South African sports teams).
Any advice for new grandparents?
And, more good news, this time from Laura: Laura applied and was chosen to be the gifted coordinator at her school. She’s “bursting with excitement.”
And, yet more good news from Annika is that she is now working for Buffalo Hearing and Speech — she tutors preschool children with learning disabilities and other special needs.
And one more, Mark is going to DePaul University in the Fall.

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