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On our trip I bought some coffees, including a few packs of Douwe Egberts in the Amsterdam airport. I’ve seen Douwe Egberts in a few places, had a cup or two, but a few lattes of this stuff brewed in […]

Chicago Spring means baby robins:

If there was one book I wish I could have given to every pastor I met in South Africa [and I’ve sent one to Attie], Klyne Snodgrass’ new book, Stories with Intent, is the one. Why? Because we need more […]

“If I could begin all over again” is a hard sentence for me to apply to myself for I still think of myself as just beginning. I feel like I am learning things today I should have known twenty years […]

Here is a fantastic question asked of us about the issue of wrath … How do you respond to this mom?

One of the books I was recommended to read about South Africa was Rian Malan’s well-known and widely-read My Traitor’s Heart. If Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country is a literary classic about the problems behind apartheid, and if J.M. […]

This series and this post are by RJS; and we are glad Scot is back ? because the challenges confronting us in this chapter are up his alley not mine. Come on, many ask us today, you can’t really take […]

Now a brief summary of what we’ve seen in the two passages about wrath in the Synoptic Gospels … and we’ll get to John 3:36 when we get to the apostle John. When we get there, we may have to […]

The first word that will come to mind when Kris and I think of our trip to South Africa is the word “hospitality.” And when I say that I don’t mean just generosity, which we experienced in abundance, or kindness, […]

Nancy Lewis is a pastor at the Oakland Covenant Church in Oakland California. What Should A Pastor Focus On?