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7am Saturday morning (the day after we got home from South Africa) we got a phone call — it was the lady who keeps our Bichon, Webster, when we are away. Webster’s (he was almost 16) been aging fast this year, so we knew he could go at any time. Here’s what she said: “You better come get Webster; he’s on his last legs.” She loves Webster; and Webby loved to go to her home because he’d live, sleep and play with other Bichons. After picking him up, we nursed Webster through his last day Saturday, covering him with a blanket as we made the slow decision to take him to the vet. When we told Lukas, he said, “Well, he had a good run.” Which is about as good a way as we can imagine of describing this little dog who never tired of showing excitement when we got home. Laura and Kris chatted on Sunday and reminisced about Webby, and we were reminded that we have some great lasting memories of the little guy. Here are some pictures …
Here’s what Bichons look like:
And here’s Webby’s favorite place — on a blanket, on the back porch, sleeping in the cool air:
Webster, groomed near Valentine’s Day, looking chipper. RIP:

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