Jesus Creed

We, and this cardinal, are ready for Spring:
Don Johnson’s brief — and to the point — post is illuminatingly insightful; other points could be made, and I’m not thinking just about NPTS but about seminaries in general. Here’s the NYT article.
?In general, gender trumps race. … Race may be easier to overcome.?
Them bones” by Erika.
Father-daughter. Nice one Rob. Husband and wife, too. Wow. And Linda was in my class when she and Rob fell in love.
Pray for her (who sits in this room writing).
Philosophy majors on the rise.
JR Woodward finishes up a nice series on conversion.
Prosperity gospel in the African American Church?
Bill Buckner’s interview at Fenway was moving … here’s a report.
One of our readers, Chris Brooks, weighs in on theistic evolution and theologizing.
Stanley Fish explains deconstruction.
Even better, Kevin Corcoran’s set of thoughts on what postmodernity is. You probably can’t find a better short treatment than this.
Jesus goes postal.
Prayer and support.
Pray again for June Bug — but there’s lots of good news in this story.
CT stuff I liked this week: Al Hsu’s nice piece on the variety of ways of articulating the gospel and all that stuff about the future of Christian bookstores — if only I could get paid for the hours I’ve spent wandering in them (and a few shorter pieces here).
1. The Non-determinist, John Frye, weighs in.
2. Stick TSK’s piece in your emerging file, and the next time someone talks about absolute truth or someone in emerging denying truth, pull it out to remind yourself of what is going on.
3. When engineers “do humor.”
4. Good story about Pope Benedict.
6. Good coffee and flying bats. (HT: RJS)
7. Death by blogging.
8. An unusual disease and creativity.
9. The Texan SBC is stirring the pot again.
10. For those who read this far … a deeply serious study by Greg Boyd on violence and God in the Old Testament.
Kansas was awesome in the NCAA men’s tournament, but Bill Self let us down within twelve hours. Since when is 1.5 M not “security”?
The women’s NCAA surprised both Kris and me; we thought for sure the Stanford Cardinal was going to win.
The Masters begins with some fog.

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