Jesus Creed

From yesterday’s post about blogging for 3 years…
I wish I were a cartoonist; I would draw an imaginary conversation with different personalities all sitting around the [Jesus Creed] table. Kruse would be explaining something about the floor and ceiling, RJS would be doing some experiment with dry ice, Frye would be upset at someone over being overly-modern or overly-creedal or something, ChrisB might be defending whomever Frye is upset at, Julie Clawson would be holding a canvas bag, sipping on something organic and saying something about Wheaton, Scot would be writing a review with one hand and a letter with the other, reading, sipping coffee, and complaining about two books making his table look messy, T would be wearing crocs and drawing an analogy to law, there would be some guys over in the corner talking mostly in Latin, etc. Maybe it would be at the Q cafe.

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