Jesus Creed

Last Saturday night Kris and I were at Willow with Laura and Mark. The band, led by North Park’s own Matt Lundgren, started to play a good song and then another song. Then I looked up at the big screen — another North Parker, Becky Johnson, of Beckon Q — a missional band in the Chicago area — and a former student of ours. I was so pumped to see Becky singing with Matt.
Becky was in my 4th Year Seminar a few years back and told me at that time that she was a musician who got a second major in Bible and Theology so she could write lyrics that would be more theological and more biblical. Well, I had to like that. And here she is, doing just that. She serves on the worship band at Park Community Church in Chicago.
She has a great voice and sound, and I know everyone around us really enjoyed the worship time. So, if you’d like to check out her albums (Amazon: Becky’s album) and where she and Beckon Q will be singing or if you’d like to book them … the link is above and this is Becky. Her CD “In the Middle and In Between” is on iTunes (however you get to that) and so also is Beckon Q’s brand new release “Your Chance.”
Great going Becky; all of us in the North Park BTS Department are proud of your vision and mission.

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